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Color Psychology

I typically write during the bitter sweet ends of the day, long after my daughter is sleeping and the house is still. It's morning here and wet from last night's rain, the hawk's white spotted wings are now yellow with sunlight.

I live my life in images, shapes, and colors. I like to think of it as being "visually sensitive". I pull inspiration from my interior life, and ancestral ties, my love for cinema, and fine art, and fashion.

I'm a big fan of black and brown. I usually wear all black or white. Brown leather, brown wood tones, an earthy color palate with unexpected colors intermittently placed throughout my home or outfits. Yves Klein Blue here, and Verdant Green there. White linens and ceramic vases, real stone and bronze, these things catch my eye. Here is a taste of the colors that are bringing me peace this winter as we see the first sprouts of spring and the chickens coo in the backyard, warm coffee filling my studio with smells of early morning. -C. Seabrooks



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