Healing through art
Courtney Seabrooks

Strange House is a place for original paintings, prints, and occasionally some strangely beautiful objects and ceramics. 

I'm Courtney Seabrooks, a painter who started creating for interiors as a meditation and practice. I've collected and designed in my own home for years and have a passion for it. I have an extensive background in film production which also nurtures my love for design and composition.

Strange House paintings radiate all of the energy that I pour into them as well as the years of refining my practice and hours of technique and original ideas that go into each piece. They are raw, full of texture and paint strokes, and come from a place of pure inspiration and feeling.


I studied art therapy and taught it to groups at a studio in California. I've learned that people often underestimate the healing properties of images, lines, creativity, and color. I aim to provide art to our followers and clients to brighten their daily lives and even help them on their journey. 

Most importantly, I am a mother. I have so much love for my daughter, Mila (Camilla Gold). It's an insane feeling to see her smile and has informed my process of artmaking more than anything. My husband, Keith, photographs paintings, edits videos, manages print making, and so much else.

Your encouragement and purchases are keeping it going. Thank you all for trusting us into your lives and homes and joining us as we grow.

- Courtney Seabrooks