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Arthur G. Dove (1880-1946)


The chill of the air is reminding me that winter is here.

Bare shoulders, still tan from the summer, now covered in the crisp morning. Waking up to owls talking, and moisture rising over the hills and swirling circles like steam, spot lit by the first rods of golden sunlight.

The solstice, a time to bring forth your biggest intentions,

is here for only a moment.

We have this opportunity to grow closer to ourselves every so often and

I truly believe that, should we choose to uproot ourselves and accept that we do not know

how to do anything as well as we think we do, to start fresh more often, we could really grow.

I'm here to claim my space. It is mine for the taking. I wish you would do the same.

With that, Happy Winter Solstice.

-C. Seabrooks


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