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As Strange House grows, we aim to offer you meditations, reflections, and

creative exercises around art and well-being.


A painting on a wall is as old as time itself, it brings us a a sense of completeness and is a language beyond what any words can say. We urge you to lean into the energy art has to offer you and your home.

"For years I have brought art into my home and personal spaces for reasons beyond pure aesthetics. Even my studio, mostly plain white walls has sections of paintings from artists, folk art from Mexico, drawings, posters, and whatever other trinkets and fine art I may need for my workspace to feel like a safe place to get creative." -Courtney Seabrooks

This blog can act as a place to come for any part of your journey. To empower yourself, to realign with yourself, to find home inspiration, to learn about art, and read about what we at Strange House are inspired by now.

L’Espagne, Ombre & Lumière, 1967

"This concept has been in development for a while. I studied Phycology and Art Therapy but I never felt that it was coming from people I could relate to, and a lot of the teaching wasn't accounting for the current environment. I had done some teaching and art sessions at Jerome Gastaldi's studio here in California, and again in Los Angeles with small groups. What I've realized is that within us lies the potential to heal ourselves, sure, but also to grow and become inspired again after having healed. Sometimes all you need is something to help you take a deep breath and a load off at the end of the day. Other times you may need more to settle your mind, and that is where we are headed with the Strange House blog."

We are here to bring attention to things that took us a long time to find. Not the everyday, but the very special things that only appear every so often. We hope you enjoy this blog as a place to come for new ideas and stories. We also will post How-To's and other things pertaining to our products, the art world, and design. Thank you for being here to see us grow.



A positive affirmation and reminder for your every day: " YOU'RE MAGICAL" available as a poster.


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