What paintings will be restocked?

Strange House original paintings are all truly one of a kind. They are all made from scratch, by hand, using a brush, and not screen printed or mass produced. In the event that we make prints available it will only be for certian clients or a very limited run for our online shop. That being said, if a painting sells out before you were able to purchase it, consider checking the comission availability and sending a comission request.

Where can I see your work in person?

Works by Courtney Seabrooks x Strange House can be viewed at the retail spaces in our stocklists. Private studio appointments for designers and private collectors will be available as soon as we find a studio!

Where can you ship large scale paintings?

We are able to ship worldwide for a shipping and handling fee and can give you an estimate, via e-mail or DM.

Can I pick up my items in person?

Yes. We meet clients in Oceanside, CA. 92054 for local pickup.