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Our original work is an investment which can be appreciated for generations to come with proper handling. Acrylic paint has a very long lifespan (longer than oil). Strange House paintings are primarily acrylic or mixed-media and are painted on heavy-weight archival paper or cotton/linen canvas. All canvases undergo several layers of preparation before the paint layers are applied. When necessary, paintings are treated with satin varnish or sealant. Following these simple directions will help to keep your painting free from undue damage. Thank you and enjoy.



• Avoid touching paint surface or the back of stretched canvas.

• It is inadvisable to place near heat or in direct UV light (sunlight).

• Never attempt to clean or polish using soaps or solvents.

• Do not allow rigid objects to press against the stretched canvas as this could create permanent indentation. If denting does occur, spray a small amount of water on the unpainted side of affected area. Allow to dry.

• Occasional dusting is recommended using an ultra-soft cloth with especial attention to paint texture. Compressed air is also a good option.

• Always anchor large paintings when hanging.

Caring for your original painting 

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